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Akatabliaim was childless. He prayed to God who gave
out in the king's dream that he would iind a boy in the temple
of VimalS-ParvotT on the nest day and that he should bring him
up and make him his successor. Accordingly, he went to the
tea: pie next morning ; and finding a boy there, took him to
his queen in the palace, and gave him the name of Kapila
Saraantarao, Towards his last days, the Moghuls invaded his
country and demanded a large ransom. The king paid a
portion arid for the remainder left his son. Kapila Samantarao,
as a hostage. The ting* died soon after.* Akatabhanudeva - Skt)
[Akatiavabhaiui (Tel. ] rnled for 15 years tip to Saka 1374:. f

A'afetŁar8ja VamSavaH^ (India OJ:ce jiff.) Atifreckt, cc. i. p. 77 ;
Kaifiyat zf JxgannZikam, (.Skt.), Mac* Ms*. 15-6-48, f. 12-b, (Tel.) f. 17-b— 18.



The Moglmls then released Kapila Samanta and sent him
to rule this country.

This king, when he was young, had a friend called
Ka^idasa, son of Banamali. Soon after the king's accession,
KaŁidasa, finding that he was disregarded by his royal friend,
broke into the royal palace through a hole made in the wall
and carried away valuables. He was, however, arrested and
brought before the king. On being questioned, why he commit-
ted theft, he said that the profession was formerly practised
both by Kapilesvara and himself, and seeing that the former,
frh'> had now become king, neglected him, he committed theft
to bring home to bis mind his ingratitude towards his old
confrere. Thereupon, the king appointed him as late pttrtihit
of the palace as well as the temple of Jagannatha and bestowed
on him the office of the royal astrologer, and called him
Kljipada Joesi

*Th4 Sit cKroaicle nuu np here the rul« of the Kings of the Gaftga dynasty in a
*fcsri p&,»ce. "The*, tfctt kings of the GaAgavamsa are 18 in number, their rale extended
ore r m pariod of 330 yours.
t 1» T«l. he is said to h*T* rnlid for 13 years,